About us

P A R A M E N T is an tableware brand & online store offering honest and durable products designed to create beautiful spaces. Our products are functional and meant for daily use. They help us pause and see beauty, indeed the very essence of simplicity.

 P A R A M E N T products are essentially Mediterranean, marked by tradition, clear skies, deep blue sea and fertile soil. Our products are made by local craftsmen or in some cases in close collaboration with artisans themselves; each piece is carefully made, unique and authentic in character.

Carla Rauert is the founder and creative director behind P A R A M E N T. Portfolio here

 If you are a shop , restaurant, photographer, stylist or you are planning a food event, please feel free to contact us for wholesale prices and further details. We also make orders by demand. Tell us your story at : info@parament-shop.com and we will contact you as soon as posible.

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